Your tradeshow's canceled, now what?

In B2B marketing, there's just no replacement for face-to-face meetings at tradeshows. Until now. An immersive experience is the ultimate lead generation tool for capturing prospects' undivided attention. Using game mechanics and 3D storytelling, it's a platform for intimate sales conversations that get the kind of results that perhaps only a tradeshow could rival:




increase in free trials


website bounce rate


10% of what they hear
20% of what they read
80% of what they see & do

4 brands reimagining the sales demo.


Helping buyers see and feel intangible services

DTZ, a large facilities maintenance service provider, had a classic sales challenge: it's difficult to describe the value of their services. Most don't get it until they experience it.

In this online experience, prospects get a virtual tour to feel the difference that DTZ services can make. Users are asked to select their biggest business pain which then customizes the environments, hotspots, and related content that they see.

On the backend, analytics track how users are moving through the site, surfacing opportunities for highly personalized lead nurture.



Getting prospects' undivided attention

Olympus technology helps doctors in search of potentially cancerous lesions in their patients. But most urologists are not aware of the capability.

In this virtual reality experience, urologists go inside a human bladder to simulate the use of Olympus technology. The more tumors you find and zap, the higher your score.

When prospects put on the VR goggles, they are transported to a new world without distraction. Game mechanics keep prospects captivated and inspire them to action - in Olympus' case, in the form of  twice as many sales leads.



Helping prospects quickly understand a novel technology

American Science & Engineering (AS&E) was releasing a revolutionary X-Ray imaging system, called MINI Z, that would allow law enforcement agents to detect and see threats anywhere, anytime.

In this online experience, we let prospects use the MINI Z to inspect areas that other x-ray technology simply can’t get to – like a subway station or the backseat of a car. And we paired it with a high-profile event in Washington DC where we brought the scenes from the microsite to life through interactive stations where prospects could hold and demo a real MINI Z.



Gamifying the trial experience to create urgency

SAP Lumira was a new business intelligence product with little awareness. How could we capture the attention of business analysts and give them a reason to try the product?

In this integrated campaign, we dreamed up a fictitious casino, a wild embezzlement scheme, a house of suspicious characters, and a mountain of data. To stand a chance of solving the crime, analysts would need to dig into the casino’s data – which meant getting a free trial of the SAP product first. Giving prospects a fun way to demo the product increased trial requests 652%.



Ready, set, demo.

Whether you're selling a complicated technology product or service that's hard to explain, here's some common use cases for a modern and immersive sales demo:

  • Make your services more tangible for buyers
  • Gamify the trial experience to create urgency
  • Attract buyers on a busy trade show floor
  • Qualify leads in an unobtrusive way

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