If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's an immersive 3D experience worth?

DTZ, a large facilities maintenance (FM) service provider, plays in a very competitive space. Their clients love them, but in the sales process they have always had difficulty using words to describe how their services make the life of a Facility Manager or C-level executive easier.



Seeing is believing. Experiencing is addictive.

Studies show that people remember about 10% of what they read, 20-30% of what they see and 80-90% of what they experience.

This highly immersive, interactive experience takes prospects on a virtual tour of their typically crazy day to actually experience how DTZ can greatly reduce their stress. And this audience has one of the most stressful jobs we had ever seen. So the experience has a stress meter that shows the user's stress level throughout, reducing it as they “fix” each problem. 

In addition to a responsive web experience, we also turned it a virtual reality experience designed for live events, creating an uncanny realism that people love to explore.



Getting personal.

The experience is highly personalized, making it different for a C-level user than for a facility manager. When they first arrive at the experience users are asked to select their biggest business pain which customizes the environments, hotspots, and related content that they see. On the backend, analytics tell us how users are moving through the site, surfacing opportunities for highly personalized lead nurture.