When a consumer is making any decision – whether it’s seeking healthcare, buying a soda, or even making a major purchase decision at work – personal, emotional connection trumps other rational and logical benefits.

We call it B2Me.


Mapping the micro-moments of brand trust.

The one emotion that matters most in marketing is trust. And the consumer journey is made up of millions of opportunities to build trust – and avoid distrust. Each interaction with your brand – big or small – becomes a memory, entangled with emotion. Over time, enough of these micro-moments build up to create emotional capital that is critical when consumers are ready to make a decision. In the process, trust is won or lost.

B2Me Research

Using a psychological framework for classifying human emotions, our B2Me research process uncovers the motivations that influence consumer decision-making.

Brand Positioning

Our B2Me insights take center stage as we evaluate current and desired brand perception. From there, we identify a unique set of brand values that will close the gap and build brand trust. 

Journey Mapping

Using neuroscience principles for building trust and avoiding distrust, we map individual moments in the audience journey in which you can deliver experiences consistent with your brand promise.


Turning ordinary content into an adventure.

The psychological motivators and customized trust levers identified in our B2Me strategy become the strategic driver for the execution of high impact digital marketing programs.

  • research
  • strategy
  • branding
  • advertising
  • concept development
  • user experience design
  • web development
  • video production
  • inbound & content marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • media planning
  • lead generation
  • account based marketing
  • sales enablement
  • marketing automation
  • technology

Cultivating audience engagement.

Immerse your audience in an adventure so motivating and so rewarding, that they spend exponentially more time with it. 


more leads


more free trials


more time on site


uplift in online appointments


higher click rates

sold out

customer events


A partner for the long run.

We have a 25-year history working with B2B and Healthcare brands – some of which we've worked with for 13 years or more.

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account manager

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mobile applications

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sr. database developer

andy tanguay

3d and interactive design

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senior designer

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b2me strategist

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director, project management

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senior copywriter

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