“Since the MINI Z campaign launched, sales inquiries have dramatically exceeded our expectations and awareness of our brand has never been higher.”

Tim McCabe, VP, Marketing and Technical Sales, AS&E


minutes on site


An X-Ray into our audience's mindset.

Our target of agents, officers and officials told us about their intense passion and sense of responsibility for protecting their country. The true definition of mission-driven. So we decided to give them a mission.

An immersive idea.


It’s one thing to tell you how small the MINI Z is. It’s quite another to show you.

In this Immersive Experience, we let prospective customers use the MINI Z to inspect areas that other x-ray technology simply can’t get to – like a subway station or the backseat of a car. 



“I was up all night playing with your experience. Can I get an order form for 200 licenses?”

Actual prospect quote (seriously)


Something small is coming.

Part of what made this digital product launch so successful was the buzz we created starting with this teaser video.

MINI Z Teaser Video [00:47]

Launch your product or service to new heights.

An immersive experience is the ultimate lead generation tool for capturing prospects' undivided attention. Using game mechanics and 3D storytelling, an immersive experience is a scalable platform for intimate sales conversations.

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