Who doesn't love a good mystery?

SAP Lumira was a new business intelligence product with little awareness. How could we capture the attention of business analysts and get them to try the product?

Our B2Me research revealed that mild-mannered business analysts actually think of themselves as data detectives. And rightly so: they're proud of their ability to track down elusive insights no one else can find. They love a good mystery. So we gave them one.

We dreamed up a fictitious casino, a wild embezzlement scheme, a house of suspicious characters, and a mountain of data. To stand a chance of solving the crime, analysts would need to dig into the casino’s data – which meant getting a free trial of the SAP product first.


Everyone's a winner in this game.

From high-impact direct mailer that required solving a mini-mystery to crack a safe, to a social media strategy, that sprinkled tantalizing clues this campaign proved to be irresistable to our target audience.

Bolstered by more than five million impressions through Twitter and Facebook, registration rates for a free trial outperformed previous campaigns by 652%. As for who was behind the heist, well, you’ll have to discover that for yourself.


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