2017 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit | Austin, TX

The Science of Audience Journey Mapping
Monday, April 30 | 12:30 pm

Take your marketing to the next level by understanding what your audience wants and needs. Learn how to apply audience journey mapping practices from leading B2B companies to better understand patients’ psychological motivators. Hear how to incorporate insights into content marketing and inbound strategies to build brand trust and long-term loyalty.

Stay tuned for more 2018 engagements to be announced soon.


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2017 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit | Austin, TX

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The faces you'll see at conferences, meet-ups, and workshops


Dan Greenwald
Chief Creative Officer

With a background in psychology, Dan is interested in how neuroscience, psychology, and marketing intersect to help brands build trust with consumers. Dan speaks on the topic at industry events and is a frequent speaker for MBA programs at many Boston area universities.


Shawn Gross
Chief Digital Strategist

With 15 years experience helping world-class health care organizations like Massachusetts General Hospital build patient-centric websites and inbound marketing programs, Shawn now speaks nationally on what the next generation digital marketing looks like for hospitals.


Teri Sun
VP Brand Strategy

As the head of White Rhino's B2Me research practice, Teri facilitates workshops about the psychology of consumer decisions mapping – helping B2B and healthcare organizations identify content strategies that build trust across the buyer's journey.