Health IT Marketing & PR Conference | Las Vegas, NV

The Science of Healthcare Audience Journey Mapping
Thursday, April 6 | 2:40pm to 3:10pm

Market research shows that when a consumer is making a decision – whether buying a car, making a major purchase decision at work or even deciding where to receive the best healthcare – personal, emotional connection trumps rational and logical benefits. Learn B2B audience journey mapping best practices from leaders like Citrix so you can better understand your customer’s psychological motivators and how to incorporate these insights into your journey mapping, content marketing and inbound strategies to build brand trust and long-term loyalty.

Ryan O'Neil, Audience & Content Marketing, Citrix
Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist, White Rhino


2017 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit | Austin, TX

Website Design: Lessons from Google and Amazon
Wednesday, May 10 | 9:30am to 10:45am

What can Google and Amazon teach us about creating great digital healthcare brand experiences? Get inspired for your next digital initiative by examining strategies from trailblazers both inside and outside of healthcare. Hear about Ochsner’s digital innovations and other exciting possibilities.

Amber Welch, Senior Digital Content Director, Ochsner Health System
Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist, White Rhino


BrandHIT 2017: a HIMSS event | Las Vegas, NV

The One Emotion that Matters Most in Healthcare Marketing
Friday, June 16 | 12:20pm to 1:00pm

Robert Plutchik’s iconic “wheel of emotions” identifies 32 potential options to choose from, but there’s one that matters more than others: Trust. Join us to understand how the brain makes decisions and evaluates trust; hear real successes (and failures) from other B2B companies – in healthcare and beyond; and walk away with seven trust levers that you can pull across the buyer’s journey to avoid random acts of content and build brand trust and loyalty.

Jill Godett, former Director of Digital and Content Marketing, Nuance Communications
Dan Greenwald, Chief Creative Officer, White Rhino


Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) | Austin, TX

Making Quality and Safety Data Meaningful to Healthcare Consumers
Tuesday, October 24 | 3:30pm to 4:20pm

Ochsner Health recognized that consumers don’t define quality the same way the healthcare industry does. To help consumers learn about quality data and how Ochsner performs compared to industry benchmarks, they developed a patient-centric, game mechanics-driven interactive experience that gives consumers the ability to personalize their care recommendations. Hear how Ochsner reimagined the health system's quality and safety data experience to drive patient engagement and CRM growth for content advertising initiatives.

Amber Welch, Senior Digital Content Director, Ochsner Health System
Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist, White Rhino


The faces you'll see at conferences, meet-ups, and workshops


Dan Greenwald
Chief Creative Officer

With a background in psychology, Dan is interested in how neuroscience, psychology, and marketing intersect to help brands build trust with consumers. Dan speaks on the topic at industry events and is a frequent speaker for MBA programs at many Boston area universities.


Shawn Gross
Chief Digital Strategist

With 15 years experience helping world-class health care organizations like Massachusetts General Hospital build patient-centric websites and inbound marketing programs, Shawn now speaks nationally on what the next generation digital marketing looks like for hospitals.


Teri Sun
VP Marketing Transformation

As the head of White Rhino's B2Me research practice, Teri facilitates workshops about the psychology of consumer decisions mapping – helping B2B and healthcare organizations identify content strategies that build trust across the buyer's journey.


Tristan Dwyer
VP Technology

As a creative technologist, Tristan looks at how brands can engage audiences in new ways using the latest technology. He's a frequent guest and speaker at Boston-area meet-ups and is available for private demos of the latest VR and AR technologies in White Rhino's AX Labs.