Healthcare for the consumer digital age

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's technology hub, Overlake Medical Center needed to create a consumer-friendly healthcare digital experience that reflected the standards that local audiences expected. Since Bellevue is home to Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, Nintendo and others, community residents expected Uber-like experiences everywhere around them.



What would Google do?

Most hospital websites are structured like their complex org charts but our research showed that patients don't understand the healthcare professional nomenclature of these inwardly-facing org charts. If they don't understand this language then how will they find what they're looking for?

Our strategists, designers and developers sought a new more personalized experience, fully reimagining how users navigate a hospital website. Users simply type in plain English questions and get a dynamically generated, customized page tailored to their needs. Think Google meets Pinterest.



Healthgrades integration

We layered Healthgrades provider data into Overlake's CMS profile content type to create a complete and powerful website physician profile.

Provider profiles are now filled with helpful, patient-centric decision-making content proof points including first-person bios, credentialing essentials, star-ratings, video and swappable call-to-action modules dependent on whether the provider accepts online appointment scheduling.

Healthgrades-infused robust physician profiles


See for yourself

Explore Overlake's redesigned hospital website at