Patients don’t define quality the way the healthcare industry does.

In the spirit of transparency, many hospitals are recognizing the importance of putting quality and safety data online. But the resulting output is often an endless page of numbers, charts, and graphs that mean nothing to consumers.

In fact, our research showed that the typical measures of care hospitals report on – such as mortality and readmission rates – are just part of what consumers consider when assessing hospital quality. 

So we set out to reimagine the online display of quality and safety data, making it as accessible as reviewing a car on consumer reports.


The "consumer reports" of quality and safety data.

In this personalized mobile-first experience, consumers get to tell us what specialty they are most interested in and which measures of quality – from convenience to expertise to risks – are most important to them. Based on their selections, each user receives a dashboard of quality measures they might factor into their decision-making process.

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Quality data drives quality lead gen

Ochsner promotes the experience on its website homepage. As prospects move through the experience, a progressive lead generation form captures details for Ochsner's CRM. And once someone uses their email address to register for gated content, corresponding email nurture programs are triggered.

Audiences are also directed to a variety of additional measurable web content opportunities such as appointment scheduling, quality outcome books, and service lines web pages.