Promote the small fish in a big pond.

Enterprise software for automobile dealers is dominated by a few huge players. How could a relatively unknown company like DealerTrack attract their attention and become a top-tier competitor? How could they become known as a brand, far beyond the one credit product they were known for?


Survival of the fittest.

Car dealers told us they’re in the most cutthroat, dog-eat-dog business on earth. In an industry dominated by men, we needed to play to their basic survival instinct and competitive streak and in a way that would get DealerTrack noticed.

Animals adorned with tools that swung the odds in their favor, became the mind-stopping visual campaign the entire industry was talking about.

Executed across print, digital media, e-mail, and events recall of the print and digital ads was more than triple any previous campaign. And awareness of the DealerTrack brand, as well as the product line, increased more than 150%.

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