Family Matters

Unlike most healthcare providers, the primary user of children’s hospital websites are not the patient. We began our B2Me research by investigating what the psychological and practical needs of the users – the family, were all about.


"When you have a kid that lives in the hospital, you don't get to make those daily decisions like you do at home."

A Digital Home

Once we understood that parents lose a sense of identity as “parents” and yearned to understand the journey their child would be on, we mapped a website strategy to fill those voids. We wanted to push beyond a Digital Front Door and create a place where parents could truly understand, navigate, and coordinate care. Our strategy was three-fold:

  • Support families across their journey as they coordinate their child's care

  • Implement best-in-class search to quickly connect families to the information they need

  • Roll out industry-leading personalization to deliver the right content at the right time

We also learned through our research that families preferred visuals and content that showed children at home - enjoying the childhood they truly deserve.





Arkansas Journey2-2



An Unforgettable Journey

Take a look behind the scenes at how we arrived at this reimagined digital experience – together.

"The thing we most value is that you are truly partners, not a vendor. You attach yourselves to our success."