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Regional Health, headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, is an integrated health care system for a five-state region providing community-based health care in more than 20 communities and across 32 specialty areas of medicine. The new digital experience needed to support a system that consists of 5 hospitals, 24 clinic locations and employs nearly 5,000 physicians and caregivers.


Pinterest meets healthcare

White Rhino strategists, UX designers, copywriters and web engineers set out to support a re-architected brand strategy focused on "Helping Patients and Communities Live Well” with a new, card-based digital marketing platform that would deliver responsively designed and contextually tagged content modules at the patient or caregiver’s moment of need.

Regional Health 3 screens

Reimagined MD profiles

White Rhino helped Regional Health re-imagine their most important digital content asset: MD profiles. Utilizing the card-based design pattern, we gave Regional Health the ability to share physician reviews and personalized success stories with audiences researching new care providers.


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